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Horseback Riding: The Basics

Horseback Riding: The Basics

Horseback riding is great sport that almost anyone can take part in, but riding can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.  That being said, learning how to ride is not that difficult, after all before cars people got around on horseback for thousands of years.  If you are new to riding you should definitely invest in some lessons.  The riding instructor will teach you horseback riding: the basics and everything you need to know to stay safe while riding. In the meantime here are some tips that you should know.

Where to Walk

First and foremost you should follow the rules that your riding instructor gives you at all times they are there not just for your safety but that of the horse too.  The first rule is never ever walk right behind your horse.  When the horse hears you but can’t really see you behind them they have a tendency to kick.  Getting kicked by a horse may look funny in the movies, in the real world it can cause serious injuries and even kill you.

Hats and Helmets

Always wear a riding hat or helmet, getting thrown from a horse is almost a rite of passage and the last thing you want is a concussion from falling.  At the same time, you should also have a good pair of boots, they will help you keep your feet stable in the stirrups as you’re learning to ride.

Don’t go alone

You’re first couple of times it is not recommended that you head out on the trails solo.  If you get thrown or hurt yourself you can find yourself in a heap of trouble.  Even the most experienced rider can find themselves in trouble, at the very least tell someone where you will be going and what time you should be back.

Handling Your Horse

How you mount and dismount your horse is also something that you need to learn along with keeping your balance and handling the reins.  Always keep your hands low and in front of the saddle, this helps you to maintain your center of balance by keeping your center of gravity low.  Here is a video showing you how to mount and dismount your horse.

When first learning to ride having a well-adjusted horse that is neither skittish nor nervous will help too.  The most important skill is learning how to stop your horse when necessary, firmly pull back on the reins, it pulls the horses head back bringing him to a halt.  Horses will go where you want them to once you learn how to give them proper signals and that’s when riding is fun.