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How Many Calories do You Burn Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding – Skin Care & Calories

Skin Care: Eco Friendly Sunscreen

One of the most common questions we get from guests is – do we need a sunscreen while horseback riding? The short and quick answer is – YES. We do use sunscreens to prevent us from dangerous UV effects as we are exposed to the sun pretty much all throughout our riding day. As an environmentally conscious and responsible company – we prefer and advise our riders to bring together eco friendly sunscreen brands to their day trips organized by us. While this is not mandatory, it is the least we can do to protect mother earth.

Calories: The Muscles You Use Horseback Riding

When you think of rigorous exercise the first thing that comes to mind is probably an afternoon spent at the gym, running or a high-intensity fitness class.  Whatever comes to mind first, it probably isn’t horseback riding.  Horseback riding is generally thought of a more of a recreational activity than it is a form of exercise.  Most riders are more interested in being on horseback and the whole experience of riding more so that they are interested in getting some exercise.  As it turns out, horseback riding may be more exercise than we considered.  Here is a visual of the muscles that you use.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Horseback Riding

Once you figure out that horseback riding is exercise the next thing that people want to know is how many calories do they burn?  As it turns out there was a study done at Texas A & M University in the department of animal sciences to find out the answer.  While riding can be good exercise there is a difference between going for a casual stroll and cantering.  The study determined that a casual 45-minute ride with canters and trots can burn in the neighborhood of 200 calories an hour.  That’s not bad but when you do more strenuous activities on your horse like reining or cutting then you can burn seven calories per minute while the activity is ongoing.  That is right up there with jogging and swimming.

Horseback riding is more than just a way to have fun, it is a decent way to get some exercise outdoors as well.  If you’re also the one looking after your horse then you already know how much exercise it is to muck out a stall…