4 Horse Riding Trails in Utah

4 Horse Riding Trails in Utah

With networks of horse riding trails to attraction throughout Utah’s National Forests, plus vast acres of public lands, true splendor mixed with different horseback riding alternatives await an equine enthusiast. The following are some of horse riding trails in Utah.

1. Grand Canyon Winter Pastures

This horse riding vacation is going to take you below remote North Rim of Grand Canyon that’s sheltered from winds and cold above. As you descend into the Canyon’s depths, there are some series of esplanades or benches varying with width. The exquisite scenery also makes for inviting place for exploring and winter camping. Once the trail takes to you to the north rim, you’re not likely to encounter anybody but the wary mule deer, odd desert bighorn sheep, or probably a glimpse of some condor soaring overhead. Those countable hardy souls who adventure here are rewarded through experiencing the amazing grandeur of this canyon, just like its first explorer did.

2. Two Inn Trail

Horse riding vacations in Arizona and Utah should not be rough camping experience. You are able to see much of the splendid back-country but still stay in comfortable inns. Riding these trails provide you the chance to adventure the wild locations around Escalante Grand Staircase of the National Monument having breathtaking scenery. A short drive every morning will let you pick your horses at trailheads whereby you may enter immediately remote and wild areas. This is some vast protected location is southern Utah close to Arizona border that sprawls between Zion and Bryce national parks.

3. Three Pack Spectacular

This is on the border between Arizona and Utah. It covers three of the world renowned national parks. The ride will let you see part of Utah around its national parks where few travellers ever visit. You ride will start in the Paria River Canyon. This trail follows Virgin River, then crosses southeastern corner of the Zion’s labyrinth of twisting gorges and sandstone domes. It heads south, across a large open sagebrush country. There are only few trails having dramatic end as this one. You are going to feel secure in the saddle riding these reliable horses that are familiar with the rugged terrain and you’re also going to have some solid bond with your mount before you even complete the trip.

4. Navajoland

This is an excellent choice for horse riding vacation in Utah and Arizona. The trail traverses the most interesting and spectacular parts of the large Navajo Indian Reservation. The riding tour crosses three unique parts of Navajo Indian Reservation, and it starts in Canyon de Chelly that has impossibly high cliffs dotted with Navajo and Anasazi ruins. You then ride for two days among renowned buttes, mesas and natural arches of the Monument Valley prior to moving on to spend your final days in the frequently visited foothills of the Navajo Mountain. You can see from this camp hundreds of miles of a maze of sandstone canyons that drains into Colorado River.

The above are some of the exciting horse riding trails in Utah. They are perfect for memorable horseback riding vacation, where you are going to have memorable adventure riding along these trails.